Meet the team

It takes many skill sets to deliver top notch digital marketing results and we’ve hand picked peachy people to help us do exactly that.

Meet them here!

Lizzie Turner-Jones

Lizzie Selby, Managing Director

Lizzie owns Peachy Digital and is responsible for strategy, client relations and all account management. Nothing ever reaches a client without her beady eye reviewing it first!

With over 11 years’ marketing experience, a number of industry qualifications and being an Associate of the Chartered Institute of Marketing, Lizzie is here to make things happen.

A keen foodie, Lizzie can usually be found in the kitchen (or just generally eating), out in the countryside with her dogs or fielding her children!


Lindsay Fletcher, Account Executive

Lindsay is a whirlwind of activity, looking after clients, their content and keeping the Peach Bowl in order. 

She’s an experienced marketer, having worked in agricultural and tourism businesses previously, and is also a green belt in Shotokan Karate.

Lindsay loves good brews, her daughters, cats and gin. No wonder we love her!

Chloe Turner, Content Marketing Executive

Chloe is now a Content marketing Executive, following a successful placement while she completed her degree at University of York, studying English for which she achieved a first.

A true wordsmith, Chloe is an avid reader and is also a talented seamstress, curator of plants and lover of coffee.

When she’s not working or studying, Chloe enjoys exploring York, travelling and drinking proper beer. We can’t say fairer than that!


Lee Majhen-Todd, Food Consultant

Lee is our food consultant and works with many of our food & drink clients to develop and test recipes, produce amazing content for their blogs and social media, and heads up the CIC we are involved with – Foodie Book Club.

She is an experienced food writer and demo chef, proud owner of a very lovely Vizsla called Ellie, and enjoys gin, roast chicken and reading. She’s a hoot!

Bruce, Chief Mischief Maker

Bruce is a Borador and can always be found causing mischief!

A lovable goof, Bruce will usually shout plenty while we’re on the phone but he loves nothing more than long walks and visitors to the office.

He is very good at making sure we take regular breaks for fuss, ball throwing and aforementioned walks.

Ralph, Chief Cuddler

Ralph is getting on a little now and spends most days snoozing away. He guards us in the office from all major threats including the postman and pigeons that land out in the garden…

Ralph likes a quiet life and is usually curled up in a cute ball in his bed until there is even the slightest mention of food, at which point he moves at the speed of light.